Designing an Equity Crowdfunding Investment Platform

Portfolio / January 8th, 2020

The Challenge

How might we create an investment platform so that investors can invest and have income from franchising without having to run a business directly.

The Background

We were approached by, a crowdfunding platform for franchising using a revenue sharing scheme, to build investment platform.

Inama helps business owners to receive fast funding from investors, and investors have high-profit potential because through the profit-sharing system, the benefits received can increase if the business is growing.


We helped Inama build platforms from scratch, starting from determining what features will be created at the start for MVP, defines the entire investment experience for investors and business owners, creating UI design guidelines, making prototypes of responsive Hi-fi design, and doing usability testing to validate the design we made, we also supporting in front-end development.


User Interface Design

Build interface designs and set the design’s guideline.

Usability Testing

Validate the design using the usability testing


Product Development

Supporting front-end development

Creating Design System

We define and set Style Guide and UI Elements that are designed and developed, Inama wants a look and feels is more colorful and fresh but not too childish.

Connecting Business Owners to Investors

Inama has two users, a business owner and an investor. Business owners can submit their business to be funded. 

See The Funding Progress

Business owner also can see the funding progress on dashboard, and business owners are required to report the profit earned every month.

Investing Business

Investors can choose the business they are interested in. Investment uses a profit sharing system every month from the slot purchased / investment. The amount of one slot has been set by the business owner.

Get Monthly Reports About the Business they Fund

Investors can see the progress and financial reports of the business, and also the amount of profit sharing obtained.

Responsive Mobile

Also we make responsive versions for mobile.


Next, we validate the design using the usability testing, to identify the parts of an interface that most regularly frustrate and confuse, We use usability testing because this method is useful to uncover flaws in our current design.

Research Question
Is the Inama website easy for users to use?

In this session, we recruited different participants to help us validate the our design, this is done to get honest reactions from people who are not familiar with investing and someone have doing invest. To get participants, we conducted a survey using Google form for our survey, we looked for participants according to predetermined criteria:

• Have income> 10 million
• Users with an age range of 20-30 years
• Having a full time job
• Accustomed to using the internet

Conducting Data

In this section, we conduct a usability test for selected participants. We prepare tasks and scenarios to give to users when testing. When users do the testing, we will observe the behavior of participants in using the application.

The task that we tested was the process when a user invested in the Inama website. We ask participants to do the following tasks:

1. Select the business to be invested
2. Fill out the investment form
3. Make payments and confirmations
4. See Dashboard details


Conducting Remote Usability Testing

Synthesis Data

After conducting usability testing, we then collect interesting data such as feedback users feel when using the Inama website. We write feedback using the trello tool, and then we grouping to get insights


Synthesis Data Using Trello Board


After we validate the design, we got some feedback from user so we start to doing design iteration. Overall the new users are still unfamiliar with investment terms and need additional information before user investing. For users who have already invested, need further explanation about the rules of investing in Inama.

Business Card
Payment Process

Users need additional information about investment terms, and information on how much profit will be gained if they choose to invest in the business

Dashboard Portfolio

The user doesn’t understand what the explanation means in the portfolio dashboard, such as labels means, so we change the copy to make it easier to understand.

Web Development

The next step is to development following a validated design after iteration. From the designs that have been made, we develop website using WordPress, and also make them mobile responsive.


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