Case Study: Catchback The Kris-Egg

7 Oct, 2019


On August, my team and I decided to participate in The 2019 Singapore Air App Challenge. This challenge has been around since 2016. We participate in this challenge because we want to hone our skills and gain more experience.

Picking The Problem

The first thing we need to do is pick a problem. As you can see on this list, there are six topics of challenges we can choose in this year:

  • On-Ground Experience: How might we offer an effortless and customized ground experience for our passengers?
  • Lounge Experience: How might we redefine our lounge experience to better cater to the needs of our premium passengers?
  • In-Flight Experience: How might we elevate the in-flight seat and entertainment experience to delight our passengers?
  • Travel Ecosystem: How might we bridge the physical and digital elements at various customer touchpoints to increase our presence in the O2O (online to offline/offline to online) space?
  • Engineering: How might we enable our engineers to achieve higher productivity in aircraft maintenance?

In an hour-long discussion with the team, there are two things we need to consider when picking the one we want to take:

  • Affordability: Since we are not allowed to have access to the real data, we need to make sure we can discover all of the information we need as an outsider.
  •  Resource: Are our man-power and skillset will be enough for this project?

Considering those factors, we finally choose the Travel Ecosystem topic. In this case, the Singapore Airlines merchandise shop: Kris Shop.

Why Kris Shop?

Okay, so what is Kris Shop? It is the Singapore Air official store. They sell goods for gifts and other needs for their passengers.

How does Kris Shop being able to bridge the physical & digital touch-points to increase the presence (and sales) in the O2O space?

Check the Problem Statement video here

Why Is It Important?

Because there is a huge business opportunity in this area. There are demands for gifts, accessories and other stuff that Kris Shop can provide yet the business is not showing significant results.

The Audience

Since we currently living in Indonesia, we are going to focus on the Indonesian market. Because we can observe and gain insight easier.

The Framework

As our core, we are following the Human-Centered Design Process, as usual. We need to find out the problem from the user’s point of view.

Human-Centered Design Process


As the first step in the HCD process, we need to have an understanding of the current situation. Hence, we did several approaches:

  1. Desk Research: Studying online journals, articles, and research on In-Flight shopping topics. There are a lot of online resources about travel and flight industry. We can easily find consumer insight reports, journals, reviews, etc.
  2.  Survey: To validate and understand the qualitative insights, we start inviting people to share their experience with In-Flight shopping.
  3.  In-Depth Interview:  We select 9 samples out of 400+ survey audiences, who bought things while they were in-flight, to understand their pain points and to discover the underlying opportunity when doing in-flight shopping.


From our interviews, we found the pattern of the customer journey. We spot the potential opportunity points and the pain points.

Findings & Insights

From the research activities above, we gain these findings:

  • The ONLY touchpoint for the passenger to the in-flight shop is the PRODUCT CATALOGUE/Magazine. From our interview, these passengers who eventually bought stuff from Kris Shop, never encounter any other touchpoint beside this catalog.
Image source: Presspage
  • All samples who eventually bought product opened the catalog out of BOREDOM
  • After reading the catalog, some of our samples realized that price in that in-flight shopping is lower than the average price. But they have doubts about it because they cannot compare them to the other eCommerce due to limited ( or, no) internet connection.
  •  For most participants who didn’t shop, having a myth that price on the in-flight is most likely more expensive than the average store.
  • People usually buy vial (small bottle) perfume because it is collectible (exclusive and in-flight only) and has some unique packaging.
Unique perfume bottle
  • People also bought toys to calm their children.
  • People (female) bought a well-known cosmetic in-flight because it is cheaper. Some of them bought and resell to their friends and family.

Existing In-Flight Purchase Flow

From the interview, we also learn about the current customer journey and where are the pain points.


From the map above, the first thing that caught our attention is the ‘BOREDOM’ part. We thought this is interesting because this boredom could trigger the passenger to start interacting with their surroundings, and the first object they grab is most likely the product catalog

Secondly, we found out that the doubt on the price also plays an important part. So we would like to address this problem.


We then move to build How-Might-We post, rephrasing the problem and pain points to some sentence that can sparks ideas!

After we did a Zen Voting session for these HMWs, we voted to one statement:

“How might we utilize the gamification to lure bored passenger to open up the catalog?”


On the next step, we were having the Crazy8s workshop to generate a lot of ideas we can choose from!

The Concept Winner

We finally voted for the game concept: “Where’s Wally-Concept” — Try to find a hidden treasure!

And the full concept goes like this:

Catchback The KrisEgg: an AR-based game to make passenger interact with the product catalog and get exposed to the Kris Shop goods. Once they hooked by one of the goods, passenger can compare the price and buy them via the flight-attendance.


Scan the entire magazine to locate the egg
Crack the egg!
You will get the point
If you catch a bad egg, it will reduce your points.

What’s Next?

We would need to test the idea to the real user and see how it goes. We would love to see how far this idea will go.


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