Cashbac Mobile App Audit

22 Oct, 2019


Cashbac is a free mobile app that gives you instant cashback for every transaction and allows you to earn multiple rewards from a variety of partners. The most effortless way to get instant cashback. Anytime. Anywhere.

Image of Cashbac App Logo
Cashbac Mobile App Interface Displays

The Challenge

We were contacted by Cashbac team back in early 2018. They asked us to evaluate their existing mobile app at that time. Our project goal was to find the problem in terms of usability and the overall user experience.

The Process

We started with Heuristic Evaluation by our team, finding the potential issues and then create the User Testing Scenarios.

Heuristic Evaluation

We actually mixed between heuristic evaluation and “dry-run”, an act of simulation of the real usability testing. We try to understand and spot the potential issue that could possibly happen to the real participants.

Participant Recruitment

In early 2018, the Monthly Active User of this mobile app was still in a low number, below 100 downloads. With this number, we actually have a problem to find the power user. We assume that most of the audience doesn’t know well about this product.  So, we find participants that are new to the app. These are our criteria:

  1. Working professionals.
  2. Actively using a credit card in the last month.
  3. Have an interest or seeking a promo or discount when they are shopping

To keep the result objective, we avoid anyone who knows us personally, because it would trigger bias in the testing session.

Testing Process

Photo of cashbac testing process

We conducted the testing in the real merchant, in this case, the real restaurants and cafés. This is because we need to understand a few things:

  1. The context and mental models of the participants when they are in the real condition.
  2. To see if there is any technical difficulty.
  3. Any other problem that may disturb the transaction process
Cashbac Testing with Another Tester

Key Takeaways

  1. We build a report to document all the discovered issues with the quick-fix action plan.
  2. We found out that things we (researchers and designers) not considered as an issue, turned out to be the worst ‘blocker’ on the user journey. Such as error handling on text form.

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