Raya Digital Bank: Better Mobile Banking Experience Through Collaboration​

Design, Research
Raya Digital Bank: Better Mobile Banking Experience Through Collaboration​

Bank Raya and Giza Lab strategically align expertise to holistically serve the ever-changing needs of users. This visionary collaboration not only promises excellent user convenience, but also has the potential to trigger a strong surge in Bank Raya’s business prospects.


About Raya Digital Bank

Raya is part of BRI as a state-owned (BUMN) bank with the widest network in Indonesia, which was appointed as a Digital Attacker to enter the digital bank competition. Bank Raya is committed to improving digital infrastructure to support the empowerment & growth of Gig Economy Workers in Indonesia.

Services We Deployed

Our experts in the field carefully and well designed the UIUX services we deployed in this project, these services support seamless functionality and outstanding performance. These UI/UX services are the driving force behind our mutual success:

UIUX Designer
User Researcher
UX Writer

Meet Our Dedicated-Team

A dynamic group of professionals dedicated to creating innovative digital solutions. Collaborating seamlessly, we bring together diverse expertise in UIUX Design, UX Research, and UX Writing.

Finding Opportunities and Provide the Best User Experience

As part of our commitment to delivering the best UI/UX, we have conducted a thorough audit of the previous application, identifying areas for improvement. Our goal is to optimize functionality and user satisfaction. 

In addition, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to enhance product features and reach a wider audience. With this comprehensive approach, we are confident of offering a innovative product that exceeds expectations and makes a positive impact.


Collaborative Process for Excellence

By adopting open communication, our team members can freely share ideas, expertise, and feedback. Regular brainstorming sessions and design sprints allow us to come up with innovative solutions. 

We value diverse perspectives, and our inclusive approach encourages everyone to contribute their unique insights. 

Our Agile workflow ensures efficient task management, allowing us to adapt quickly to changing needs. With a strong focus on collaboration, creativity, and adaptability, our team strives to deliver exceptional products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

  • We design end-to-end interfaces
  • Conduct Exploratory Research and Usability testing
  • Collaborate with Product Manager and Dev team
  • Hands-off & Delivery of business-aligned Design Decisions
  • Monitoring Design Expectation in accordance with live products

What are we collaborating and elevating on?

Design System

Our team has developed a comprehensive design system with the main goal of improving consistency and scalability in our design process. By creating this system, we aim to streamline our design workflow, ensuring that all products and projects maintain a unified and consistent visual language.



Including a quick QR payment feature in navigation can streamline the payment process, improve user experience, and contribute to the overall app value proposition. However, it is important to ensure that the feature is well-designed, secure, and user-friendly to maximize its benefits.


Our team ensures a better user experience with an intuitive design for easy savings checking and access to Saku. With our expertise in user-centered design, we provide a seamless and transparent platform, empowering users to manage their finances efficiently.


Through deliberate design improvements, the account page saw a significant upgrade. We strategically reorganized the card size and fonts, created a sleek and visually appealing layout, and reduced distractions. Integrating reward information directly on the page added convenience, allowing users to check and access benefits easily.


We also contributed to improving the design of the Transfer feature, aiming to provide a better and hassle-free transaction experience for users. Our efforts focused on improving the usability and functionality of the feature, which ultimately resulted in increased user satisfaction. With the improved design, users can now enjoy smoother and more efficient transactions, making the process of transferring funds or assets easier and more convenient.


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